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CarInfoToGo is the first text message marketing product to be eligible for iMR Matching funds.

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CarInfoToGo gives you the knowledge of who's on your lot when you're not?

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"When I was first introduced to CarInfoToGo, I immediately saw a product that I believe would change the way a lot of people shop for cars. In that way, it is similar to CARFAX, which I started over 25 years ago."

Ewin Barnett, Founder

Know who's on your lot when you're not!
CarInfoToGo uses text message technology, incorporating an interactive experience rarely seen before in automotive sales

Place RIDEtags on your inventory
Professionally produced, exterior applied window stickers for your entire inventory

Shopper Benefit
Shopper receives all the pertinant information they need to make an informed decision about your vehicles

Dealership Benefit
Immediately notified of shopper's contact information in real-time via email, text or CRM

Proven Results
Dealer's have experienced 300-2000% ROI and up to 28% closing ratios